Splitting a data file in SPSS (e.g. by males and females)

Students have asked about the part of the lab that gives separate population values for males and females.  How can we split our data file so as to get separate outputs for descriptives or our test statistics?  If you want to run descriptives or tests on males and females separately, complete the following 4 steps before running any of the normal descriptive or test commands

1) data -> split file
2) select the “organize output by groups” button
3) move the ‘sex’ variable to the field on the right so that the file is grouped based on sex
4) ok

From that point on, all analyses you do will be separated by sex (you’ll get two t tests, boxes of descriptives etc).  However- remember that when you go to run a one sample t test, you need to set the two different population means as your ‘test value’ [ ] box (one mean for population of males, one for females).  For now- this means we need to run it twice, once entering the males population mean ‘test value’ [ ] box, and another time entering the females’ population mean.  Just mind your outputs since there is obviously a lot of room for confusing them this way!  If you are trying to run a test comparing males and females, you won’t want to split the file.  Rather, you’ll need a variable column in which sex (or whatever other grouping variable) is coded.

So this is a rather clunky way of doing it, but we’ll look at more ways to restrict cases in the weeks to come