Analysis Resources

Useful resources for my students in PSYC 230 (Applied Statistics) and PSYC 200 (Experimental Research Methods).

Lab report hints

Steps for splitting a data file in SPSS (e.g. to analyze males and females separately)

Steps for recoding a variable in SPSS so cases take on new values

Steps for assigning labels to different values within a variable in SPSS (you’ll want this for lab report #8)

Don’t assume! Test that your data is normally distributed. Description of Kolmogorov-Smirnov test  (use this to thoroughly interpret on lab #8).

How to adjust your error bars in excel to accurately represent standard error (the default is no good for representing the different groups)

Video tutorials

One sample t-tests and confidence intervals in SPSS (compare sample mean to population mean)

Paired samples t-tests and confidence intervals in SPSS (compare means of a group sampled twice- e.g. before and after an intervention)

Independent samples t-tests (compare means of two independent samples you’ve collected)

Pivot tables in Excel- quickly run descriptive statistics for your data.  Great for preliminary quality control- make sure all items were seen by all subjects etc.  Pivot by-item and by-subject to be able to eyeball any idiosyncrasies/outliers due to individual items or subjects, and to grab data for further analyses in SPSS or R.  This is an easy way to get data output for pairwise analyses.

Resources/Guidelines for students in Research Methods (PSYC 200)

Getting started with reference managing programs (EndNote, Mendeley)

Writing a Study Outline

Writing a Research Paper

Sign up (by group) for a place to recruit participants

Building a behavioral experiment: E-Prime guide and troubleshooting tips

Keep an eye out as I’ll update with additional videos in the coming weeks- Kelly